Are my prizes with Lottoland South Africa guaranteed to be paid out?

At Lottoland South Africa we can guarantee you will be paid out on your prizes.

With Lottoland you place a fixed odd bet. For all intents and purposes, you will have the same customer experience as if you were entering the official draw. The key difference is that we take your bet and we pay you directly. We can achieve this in two ways.

For smaller prize tier payments, we make the payment directly from the fund we have from the total sales for the draw.

For us to make the larger prize tier payments we take out insurance policies to cover the eventuality of a tier one prize or a substantial payout on the fixed odds bet. Part of the fixed odds bet price you pay goes towards the payment of this policy.

We have a risk assessment team that calculates the requirement for each prize tier and, depending on their results, we decide to make the payment by option 1 (lump sum) or option 2 (installments). This system operates in the same way on all the products we offer.

We are registered with and regulated by the Western Cape Racing and Gambling Board. For us to retain this license we must prove that we are able to make the required payouts to our players should they win and that we have the correct procedures in place to guarantee this.

Lottoland South Africa will pay-out prizes in line with the pay-out tables published by each individual operator for every single event. Our aim is to put the player in the same economic positions that they would have been, if they participated in the actual event and won any of the prize tiers or pay-out divisions. Please refer to our terms and conditions for more details on pay-out rules.  

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